Open Time and Ticket Price
Animal Feeding Time

Lesser Panda Feeding Time: 10:00 ,下午16:45

Lesser Panda Feeding Time: 10:00 ,下午16:45

Pelican Feeding Time:上午10:30 ,下午15:50

Hippo Feeding Time:上午10:00,下午16:30

Giraffe Feeding Time: 上午10:30 ,下午16:00


   Visitor Service Center

The visitor service center, located in the south of the front gate, is in the first floor of the office building. Built in 2006, it has a cozy environment with complete service facilities such as the VIP room and resting room. Excellent consulting services are provided in the visitor service center. Tel: 020-38377572

  Wheelchair,Baby Carriage Free Hire

Located in the north of gate's visitor service center(Need deposit)。

   Science Explain Appointment

Provide science explain service for 30 people team. If need science explain please call 020-38377572 to make appointment 。


There are 11 stores in the zoo, where various food, softdrinks, icecreams, toys and souvenirs are available.

  • Activities in Bird-Loving Week from March to April

    Guangzhou Zoo is responsible for advertising knowledge about bird recognition, bird-loving and bird-protection with different topics every year.

  • Activities of Cultural Science Popularization

    According to the characteristics of different Chinese zodiacs, we fully prepared the cultural knowledge of these Chinese zodiacs with knowledge, interest and art for tourists.


Science One-Day Tour

  Science One-Day Tour

As the science and education base of teenagers in Guangdong province, our zoo welcomes various groups, one follows another, to develop science popularization in every winter and summer vacation. Among those groups there is Family Bonding Camp of little migratory birds, parent-child family in streets and communities, camps for mobile workers and one-day-tour of science popularization in Guangzhou. We have made well-designed touring line for different groups with vivid and interesting explanations to popularize science among tourists.