Guangzhou Zoo Organized the Celebration Activity of Mid-Autumn Festival with Giant Pandas

Publish Date:2016-09-15

                  The Mid-Autumn Festival of 2016 fell on September 15, and Xing Yi and Ya Yi, these two 3-year giant pandas at Guangzhou Zoo away from their hometown, must be homesick. So Guangzhou Zoo and Guangdong Museum co-organized celebration activity of Mid-Autumn Festival with them to eliminate their loneliness. 10 children and their parents participated in the activity and prepared moon cakes of their hometown style for these two giant pandas. According to Xiao Liu, the nurse of giant panda, each ingredient was added in proportion to ensure the reasonable nutrition matching, and after being completely blended, appropriate amount of mixture was put into the die. Whats more, five procedures, namely filling preparation, blending, mooncake making, air drying and cooking, were needed to get finished products. Under the guidance of the nurses of giant pandas, 10 children implemented cooperation with each of them being in charge of weighting one ingredient, and two groups were divided to match apples and bamboo leaves for the two servings of specially made mooncakes. Meanwhile, 4 children were chosen through the interactive game of Q&A to send mooncakes to the room of giant pandas, and watch them eat these mooncakes made by children themselves in close distance. Every participant felt great when they saw Xing Yi and Ya Yi quickly eat up these mooncakes made by them the whole morning, and parents also were satisfactory and hope that more similar activities can be organized. Consequently, this can not only strengthen childrens manual dexterity and help them acquire knowledge about animals, but also leave them a memorable Mid-Autumn Festival.












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