New Cages for Animals at Guangzhou Zoo Were Made Public on National Day

Publish Date:2016-10-01

              In order to further enhance the ecological level, Guangzhou Zoo started to the project of upgrading animal cages in 2016. Before the National Day (October 1), some of the finished new cages were put into use to happily celebrate the National Day with brand new appearance. The barrier-free design idea for visual appreciation was adopted for the new herbivore area, and the utilization of transparent fence to integrate animal cages into sports turf, flowers and hedge plants can not only improve the feeding environment and animal welfare, but also enrich visitors experiences. The function design of new tiger hill was strengthened, and according to tigers natural behaviors and habits, new efforts were made to enrich their environment, increase facilities, enhance their activity and make their lives more interesting. As for the primate hall, murals of the original living environment of animals were created on the walls of cages, which not only makes their cages more colorful, but also more interesting. All of these new halls and facilities have greatly improved the sightseeing effects and effectively enhanced the animal welfare and mark an important step Guangzhou Zoo has taken to transform itself from a traditional zoo to a modern one.

           Meanwhile, in order to diversify the exhibitions for National Day and visitors tour experience, Guangzhou Zoo also put the rare Siamese crocodile on display for the first time, and organized the popular science publicity activity of World Animal Day which attracted lots of visitors.