Guangzhou Zoo Organized the Popular Science Activity of Little Animal Guard for World Animal Day

Publish Date:2016-10-03

       On October 3, 2016, the day before this years World Animal Day, Guangzhou Zoo and Guangdong Museum co-organized a popular science activity with the theme of Little Animal Guard for kids in Guangzhou. Accompanied by their parents, 55 kids at the age of 6-10 participated in this activity, and they were divided into Group A and Group B to carry out experiencing activities related to popular science on animals, such as Brushing Teeth for Crocodiles and Kylin Study Tour, which covered different links, including animal observation, animal protection oath, dissuading visitors from feeding animals and making friends with giraffes. With vivid and interesting explanations, interactive games and simple training being provided at the activity, kids served as little guards to persuade older visitors to enjoy their tour in a polite way, leave their handprints and names on the animal protection oath wall and take a solemn oath to protect animals starting with me. Consequently, the clear theme and rich contents of this activity not only presented kids an opportunity to practice their language competence, but also make disseminate knowledge about animal protection in a vivid and interesting way with good results.