Announcement on Use and Management of Complimentary Ticket

Publish Date:2009-08-30

          Guangzhou Zoo will further standardize the use and management of complimentary ticket. Hereby it’s announced as follows:
        (1) From September 1st of 2009 to February 28th of 2010, only the 2009 edition of Complimentary ticket is available (sample attached). All the rest of old version of complimentary  ticket will be suspended.
        (2) Starting from March 1st , 2010, Guangzhou Zoo will adopt new version of complimentary  ticket with validity of 1 year and code identification.
        (3) According to relevant laws and regulations, complimentary ticket is not cash coupon and not for sale. Guangzhou Zoo will investigate the illegal conduction of selling complimentary ticket.
                                                 Guangzhou Zoo

广州动物园招待票:Guangzhou Zoo Complimentary Ticket

副券:Stub Ticket

说明 Instructions


Complimentary ticket is notfor sale and one ticket for one person.


Complimentary ticket is onlyvalid stamped with the seal of Guangzhou Zoo.


Guangzhou Zoo reserves thefinal interpretation of complimentary tickets.