Guangzhou Zoo Website Instruction for Manuscripts

Publish Date:2012-06-08

         (1) Manuscript Content Manuscript content includes news about the zoo, event planning, culture of park, popular science of flora and fauna, knowledge of wildlife conservation, anecdote of animals, wonderful pictures or video about the zoo as well as one’s experience in the zoo. Content should be scientific and rigorous. Writings should be normative and easy to understand. Correct use of punctuation is required.
       (2) Manuscript FormAny form is available, including illustrated writings, pictures, videos and animations (comics or FLASH).
       (3) Submission   Review ProcessAuthors send the electronic edition of manuscript to Internet office at Manuscripts from South China Agricultural University students should be collected  to Dr. Huang Zhihong. Photos in the writings should be sent separately in picture format.
       (4.1) Original articles with illustrations once adopted, each will be paid royalties of 80 RMB. The repetition rate of editing, reprint, excerpts and citing articles should not exceed 30%. Reprinting articles will not be employed in principle. If adopted, the article need to indicate the source and will be paid 20 RMB for each.
       (4.2) Each adopted original FLASH animation will be paid 100 RMB .

       (4.3) Each picture shot in the zoo with simple illustrations will be paid 30 RMB. Video with introductions shot and edited in the zoo will be paid 80 RMB.

Guangzhou Zoo Internet Office
                              June 1st , 2012