Statement on Prevention from Lawbreakers to Counterfeit Recruitment of Guangzhou Zoo

Publish Date:2014-01-10

Recently, we found lawbreakers recruiting staff or part-time workers in the name of Guangzhou Zoo. To prevent candidates from being cheated, Guangzhou Zoo solemnly declares on recruit matters as follow:

      (1) Guangzhou Zoo’s recruitment information is only published in and  website of Guangzhou Municipal Human Resources
       (2) Guangzhou Zoo never entrust any intermediaries or person to recruit, and the zoo do not charge any entry fee, intermediary costs and commissions during recruitment.
      (3) The Zoo reserves the right to investigate the publication of false recruitment information by any website, individual or other organizations.
       (4) People who believe the false information and participate in the recruitment not released by Guangzhou Zoo should shoulder the responsibility themselves.
Guangzhou Zoo
January 10th, 2014