Guangzhou Zoo Animal Adoption Regulations

Publish Date:2014-03-18

 The zoo is an important place for animal protection and environmental education. Guangzhou Zoo, as a national AAAA level scenic spot and the most special base for science popularization education in Guangzhou, has earned honors of “ National Science Popularization Base for Wildlife Protection”, “National Science Popularization Education Base”and“The Most Popular Science Popularization Education Base Among Citizens”.Animal adoption can provide chances for people to understand animals and establish relationships with them, then stimulating people’s consciousness of care for animals and ecological environment. It allows more schools combining animal adoption with school education to carry out relevant biological classes and ecological moral education. In addition, it also opens up a window for enterprises of social responsibility to repay the society, promote corporate public image and improve corporate culture. With a view of promoting the cause of wildlife conservation, now Guangzhou Zoo starts receiving individual or group applications for animal adoption. In order to make it smooth and let the public fully involved in the event, hereby the regulations are as follows:
(1) Purpose
        The purpose is to improve the awareness of wildlife protection in all walks of life, to make the public involved in the protection and popularize animal knowledge, jointly enhancing the development of wild animal protection.
(2) Major Participants
        Individual (including family ) or groups (enterprise, institution, organization, media or school) whoever love wild animals and care for animal protections are welcome to participate.
(3) Adoption Method
       The major method of individual adoption is donating money; while group adoption can depend  to donate money, quality daily articles, sporting and medical machines or other things needed for management, etc. The animal adoption fee is based on 20,000 RMB and no upper limits on materials and amount of money.
(4) Uses of Funds
1, Using for animal feeding (including feed-stuff, disease prevention, scientific research, science popularization and maintenance of equipment etc.). The donated equipment is primarily used for the exhibition area of adopted animals. Any uses irrelevant to animal protection or education are forbidden.
2, At the end of every year, Guangzhou Zoo will summarize the adoption work, and adopt appropriate methods to inform the individual or groups.
3, The property rights of the adopted animals belong to Guangzhou Zoo. So, the adoption party should acquire a written consent from Guangzhou Zoo to carry out any business activities. The adopter can, in validity period of adoption, enjoy the right to know, visitation right and naming right in accordance with the agreement signed by both parties.
Please contact the following staff for adoption details:
    Liu Xiaoqing: Tel:020-38377758; Mob: 020-38377758
    Huang Zhihong: Tel:020-38377758; Mob: 13678983939
                                            Guangzhou Zoo